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Flower Pounding
I was initially researching natural dyes and I came across an image of a fabric printed with actual flowers using a hammer and I looked for tutorials on online and conducted the experiment myself. I got myself some flowers and started arranging them (More)
Macro-Trend: Rekindle
As we delved ourselves in technology throughout these years, we often forget our beautiful planet that is on the brink. With all the catastrophes happening around the world, it becomes clear to us that we are responsible for these environmental impac (More)
Other platform: Website  More)
Social media platform: Instagram
@juicymature_ Using the hashtag #ourgeneration to try and join people together and form a community within the subrand More)
Printed platform: Lookbook
Brand Manifesto
I decided to keep the olde English font that Juicy already use, as I believe this makes the sub brand more coherent to the original (More)
Juicy Mature
I have chosen the sub brand of Juicy Couture to be Juicy Mature. I came to this conclusion after researching and forecasting trends for 2020, and finding that the definition of 'ageing' as we know it is slowly dissolving, and by 2020 we would of tran (More)
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