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Collage work
Monday 2nd February Today we had the pleasure of meeting Aaro, one of Jules' ex students who conducted a collage workshop which I felt was really useful and got me thinking about layout a lot. My favourite outcomes: 1. This one is all about (More)
What does indentity mean to me?
I believe identity is the way we perceive ourselves and the way we are perceived by other people. Our identity can rest on many things, our reputation , our looks , our interests , our religions and  our personality traits. I see Identity as being so (More)
Concept for zine
After considering a few different possibilities for the concept / theme of my zine based around the body / identity. I have decided I will be exploring the idea of sexual identity , looking at the stigma around sexual liberation  and the taboo around (More)
AD138 - initial thoughts and ideas about the breif
So here it is, AD138 - introduction into fashion illustrating and imaging. To be honest ive been having a lot of anxiety and a slight dread towards this unit as drawing is not my strong point to say the least. However, I want to approach this unit wi (More)
Pink - Final Edit
Flower Motif GIF
Laser-Cutting Template
Manual Photography
Using manual photography, I began exploring what femininity now means, but with a particular focus on stereotypes and feminine silhouettes. More)
Zine Research
Oddity Revenge Vol. 4 - Cosisting mainly of photography, in particular fashion photoshoots, with a focus on alternative (or at least not mainstream) fashion, art and culture. In terms of the layout of the magazine, the bold colour theme throughout (More)
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