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Styling Workshop Black & White
Using continuous capture on the camera, I found that looking through the images looked as though they were moving. To continue this (More)
Movement in Styling
Using pieces of chiffon fabric, one black and one white, I wanted to experiment with how fabrics can be used in movement to create interesting shapes for photography. I used a digital camera and prioritised a fast shutter speed to capture the model m (More)
Mirrors (Photography)
1920's Portraits (Photography)
Styling Board (Mirrors)
Styling Board (1920's)
Styling Workshop 2
Using pattern and prints as an initial basis and idea for styling, I found that simple and feminine silhouettes of the clothing worked best for me. I used mostly floral and striped patterns in my styling and combined the two, but trying to create dif (More)
Styling Workshop 1
Inspired by the styling and photography that I had seen at the Fashion & Textile Museum as part of the 1920' Jazz Age exhibition, I wanted to initially look at how clothing could be used within a photograph, for example the photographer James Abb (More)
Screen Printing Workshop
Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970's at The Photographers Gallery
'A Portfolio of Models', Martha Wilson, 1974 [caption id="atta (More)
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