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Promoting your work experience – Organisation

  If you have been following  the blog posts on ‘Promoting your work experience’ and answering the questions posed then you should be building up some really good personal evidence to put on your CV, an application form or in readiness for  answering questions at an interview  or assessment centre. So far we have covered the following skill areas: Communication…

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Promoting your work experience – Leadership

   Number 6 in our series of blogs about skills and we turn our attention to leadership. Leadership is a skill often asked for and can be relatively easy to show if you have worked in a management or supervisory role or even through leisure interests, led a sports team for example. Firstly though what springs…

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Volunteer for one of the most respected and prestigious arts & heritage organisations in Brighton. It’ll get you loads of experience & will look amazing on your CV!

Royal Pavilion Estate – Garden Greeter Volunteer We are currently looking for volunteers to join our Garden Greeter team for the Royal Pavilion Estate through the summer season until September 2018. Benefits Volunteer for one of the most respected and prestigious arts and heritage organisations in Brighton and Hove. It’ll bring you loads of skills and…

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Promoting your work experience – Commercial Awareness

  Welcome back to our series of blogs on promoting your skills gained via work experience. These blogs aren’t  trying to ignore the excellent skills gained on your university course but are designed to try and get you think of other ways in which you are getting skills. Using skills from education and any other experience will enrich your…

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Latest ARTS SECTOR volunteering opportunities info booklet – now includes Brighton Festival roles!

Arts sector volunteering opportunities info booklet – the latest edition: Active Student – Volunteering in ARTS Spring-summer 2018 Ed 3-22c7cs9 How to apply for volunteering Please contact the University of Brighton’s Volunteering Service, quoting the organisation’s name, the role title and your campus: 01273 644145

NEW! Costume Production Volunteer, with Beleza School of Samba, for Brighton Pride 2018

Beleza School of Samba is a social enterprise that aims to bring Brazilian samba to Brighton to engage all sections of the community. We have a dance section and a instrument section (the bateria) and we perform at a range of community events across the city. We also parade at Pride and we support a…

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Promoting your work experience – Self Awareness

    In the last of our blogs about skills before Easter we look at Self awareness.  We will be back after Easter with more blogs on different skills so keep looking out for them. So far we have covered Communication, Teamwork and Problem solving . Self awareness is perhaps more tricky to define but it is…

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Fabrica Gallery – now recruiting for Front of House Volunteers: Life Model II #ShrigleyAtFabrica #BrightonFestival

Fabrica has on-going recruitment Front of House Volunteers, accepting applications throughout the year. Mainly recruiting and inducting volunteers three times a year in spring, summer and autumn to coincide with our exhibition programme, or at peak times of exhibition. As a Front of House volunteer, students are expected to volunteer for at least 3.5hrs a…

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Promoting your work experience – Problem Solving

Number 3 in our series of blogs is problem solving, we have already covered teamwork and communication so have a look at those if you haven’t already seen them. We are covering some of the key skills that employers look for in applicants and in these blogs we are focusing primarily on skills gained through work experience. Problem solving…

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Promoting your work experience – Teamwork

  We often meet students who talk about having had a job but ask if the skills gained are ‘irrelevant’ to want they want to go into as they are not directly related. Employers do like relevant work experience of course, but are also very interested in what you have gained though being in any type of work or volunteering. These…

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