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Promoting your work experience – Commercial Awareness

  Welcome back to our series of blogs on promoting your skills gained via work experience. These blogs aren’t  trying to ignore the excellent skills gained on your university course but are designed to try and get you think of other ways in which you are getting skills. Using skills from education and any other experience will enrich your…

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Promoting your work experience – Self Awareness

    In the last of our blogs about skills before Easter we look at Self awareness.  We will be back after Easter with more blogs on different skills so keep looking out for them. So far we have covered Communication, Teamwork and Problem solving . Self awareness is perhaps more tricky to define but it is…

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Promoting your work experience – Problem Solving

Number 3 in our series of blogs is problem solving, we have already covered teamwork and communication so have a look at those if you haven’t already seen them. We are covering some of the key skills that employers look for in applicants and in these blogs we are focusing primarily on skills gained through work experience. Problem solving…

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Promoting your work experience – Communication

  In the second of this series on breaking down key skills and providing evidence of them, we look at communication. On the surface this can look  easy… we all communicate in some way or other. However it is how this skill can be shown to a prospective employer in the application process that concerns us, here in this blog. We…

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Promoting your work experience – Teamwork

  We often meet students who talk about having had a job but ask if the skills gained are ‘irrelevant’ to want they want to go into as they are not directly related. Employers do like relevant work experience of course, but are also very interested in what you have gained though being in any type of work or volunteering. These…

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The Sky’s the Limit…take a look at the video produced by Gradcracker

  Calling all STEM students!  ‘The Sky’s the Limit’, is a video recently created by Gradcracker which has been downloaded over one hundred times since its release last year. You can download it at… falko Lendzian via Compfight

It’s deadline day for some opportunities with Gradcracker

  As we reported recently on this very blog, some opportunities are closing today – 31st January 2018 – on the recruitment website Gradcracker. The deadline for applying for some 61 work placements/ internships and 121 graduate opportunities with companies such as Atkins and Dyson  is today. There are still some opportunities on the website and new…

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To do or not to do a Masters course?

   That is a question many students ask, especially  this side of Christmas. Should  I consider the option of further study following a first degree? What are the pros and cons? It’s fairly commonplace for students who are predicted  a good degree, i.e. a 1st or a 2.1 or want to get into a particular career to think about studying for…

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Are you stuck for ideas?

    We often get enquiries from students and graduates unsure what to do and don’t know where to start. Even those on vocational courses can find themselves thinking I don’t really want to go into this occupation or industry now, but what else can I do ? So here are some ideas to get you thinking……

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Come and Meet – Find Out More THIS THURSDAY

  Hear from 4 graduates from History of Art & Design and Humanities. Ask for tips and advice about moving on. Talk about your ideas and aspirations.       Where? G7, Pavilion Parade When? 5.00pm, 25 May 2017 Who? Woody Ledeboer A former BA(Hons) Humanities: War, Conflict & Modernity student at Brighton, Woody completed…

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