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Be the change and enter your sustainable idea in our 2024 Startup Ideas Competition

The University of Brighton’s annual Startup Ideas Competition, generously sponsored by Santander Universities, is your chance to tell us about your innovative ideas for new products,  freelance services, digital solutions, or community projects. There are three cash prizes to be won: £1000 for the first-place winner, £500 for the second-place winner, and £250 for the third-place winner.

This image is advertising the Santander X Explorer programme. There are two people looking at a mobile phone. There is the text 'Turn your business into a viable solution in just 12 weeks'.

Participate in a free, 12-week programme to turn your bright ideas into reality!

The University of Brighton’s beepurple team has some exciting news to share with our students!

The Santander X Explorer programme is open for applications!

A unique learning experience for you

This is an amazing opportunity for you – our students – to develop your business ideas, and experience what life as an entrepreneur could look like through a “learning by doing” methodology. 

Thinking of becoming self-employed or going freelance in the future?

Thinking of becoming self-employed or going freelance in the future? Sign up for a four-part certificated skills program created for students. It’s FREE and it’s called Work For Yourself

Are you ready to learn how to build your self-belief and promote you or your business more confidently to your network, market and customers?

Are you ready to learn how to build your self-belief and promote yourself or your business more confidently to your network, market, and customers?  Join Michelle Okwudiafor, career and confidence coach and founder of @career_invest  and @uobbeepurple, the startup team, online on Wed 22 Feb 5.30-7.30 to learn practical tips to help you and/or your business become visible and gain confidence you deserve.

How to make money while you study: startups, freelancing and side-hustles

How to make money while your study. Learn directly from other students who are their own boss.

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Startup Booster grant offers up to £2,000 to University of Brighton startups

The beepurple team is excited to announce the launch of the Santander X University of Brighton Startup Booster Grants, with £25,000 worth of funding available!

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Learn where you can access business startup funding from local experts in a free beepurple workshop

Join us virtually on Wednesday 9 February from 5:30pm – 7:30pm to find out more. Book your place now

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Create a Compelling Story For Your Business or Startup

Whether talking to your customer, investor or partner, you need to be able to clearly describe your business, ethics and purpose. Customers increasingly want to support businesses that share their values and beliefs. You must share your story so that they can understand what drives you as a business owner.  That way, you can help…

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What Is Working in a Startup Really Like?

Have you ever wondered what it is like working in a startup? Our friends at ClickMechanic thought they would give us the lowdown! Guest Post written by Austin Tran Hi, we’re ClickMechanic, an online marketplace for car repair that’s been running since 2012. Working in a startup is an option that is often overlooked by…

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