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FREE Zoom beepurple workshop on hype-free marketing tactics for students and alumni going freelance or setting up their own business

No research, no marketing, no sales: get your marketing working  using empathy, authority and story to build your customer base Wednesday 17 November, from 5.30–7.30pm BOOK your FREE place here   Having recently launched their own new business, marketing expert Simon Batchelar @pallantdigital is perfectly placed to remind you of the importance of researching your…

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Good Advices Part One – JOBsearch is nothing without REsearch…

Welcome to part one of a series on finding employers, finding vacancies, applications, interviews…and landing the job you want*. *that last part’s pretty much down to you, but we’ll pitch in with stages 1 – 4 and hopefully make stage 5 a foregone conclusion. Enough smartalec-ism, let’s get started. “So what attracts you to a…

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Brandwatch is recruiting.

What do they do? Their top 3 tips? What do they look for when recruiting? Carry on reading. What do they do? Brandwatch is a technology company that develops smart software to harvest data from social media, enabling their clients to make informed decisions. Brandwatch has over 300 people from more than 30 nations based…

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Get a job using social networks

Advice from the NUS and Prospects….Social networks can be a really useful tool when it comes to job seeking but this article gives an insight into how to really take advantage of the technology when looking for new opportunities..  

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