mentor and mentee having a discussion

Join the University of Brighton’s Boys and Men Mentoring Programme!

This six-week program, starting in January, will provide you with the opportunity to connect with boys from a local secondary school and provide them with guidance and support as they navigate the challenges of adolescence.

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Graduate Aspiration Programme (GAP) Mentoring from the Civil Service

GAP is an amazing one-to-one mentoring opportunity which matches university students, from low socio-economic backgrounds, with a mentor from the Civil Service who has expertise in a particular professional area. The programme aims to build confidence, and aspiration and support future career choices, as well as enhance communication skills and build new networks.

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Graduating art student? Read on for advice and opportunities

If you’re finishing your art degree this summer and uncertain about the future, remember there’s plenty of support out there from the university and beyond. Consider how you can sustain your university network after your course finishes, for example by embarking on collaborative projects with other graduates to build on your portfolio. Keep in touch…

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“Mentoring changed my mindset and made me a bigger person”

Mentors will help you see that you’ve got nothing to worry about, just keep working hard at what you’re good at or what you want to be.

mentor and mentee having a discussion

Having a mentor is like a champion spurring you on to achieve your goals

The university mentoring programme aims to support students in reaching their goals, by matching up professional people who volunteer their time to mentor a student (mentee).

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Mentoring, what is it and how can it benefit you?

The Mentoring Programmes at the University are for undergraduate and postgraduate students to support you in setting and achieving your targets and goals with confidence.

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Are you a student of colour? Don’t miss the Uni:School Mentoring Scheme

Are you a student of colour and left school within the last seven years? We have a mentoring opportunity available for you.

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What is mentoring and how can it help you?

Our teams of professional mentors volunteer their time to work with you to support you during your time at the university.

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Mentors available to work with you now! Apply today

Do you want to stand out in a crowd and know what new skills you need to get the perfect job? Or are you just starting out and want to build new skills?

A student talks to their mentor

Be More Skilled Week – Mentoring

Are you just starting out and want to build new skills now? 

Your Careers Service online – changing up a storm for 17/18

Yes indeedy, it’s taken some doing (and then some more doing) but the new Careers site is out there for your perusal and (hopefully) pleasure. Based on feedback from your good selves we’ve restructured and rearranged to make all the cool stuff available with a swipe and a tap – like this… Deciding what career…

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Careers Service website has moved house. Check out our flashy new digs…

“walking through an empty house, tears in my eyes…” …okay, maybe that’s a overdoing it a little, but anyone currently clearing out a year or more of junk in preparation for a move will know how much fun that can be. Spare a thought for the poor suffering Careers Service (mostly me *preen preen*) who…

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Make 2017 better with Change100, Charityworks and the Koreo Prize

You’d be forgiven for regarding 2016 as a year of almost unremitting foulness, mean spiritedness and cruelty – or perhaps you weren’t unfortunate enough to get stuck in a lift with me (so many people to apologise to…). Let’s take a moment to focus on 2017 and opportunities to move on from despair and build…

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Extended deadline !! City Solicitors Horizons Programme for undergraduates from disadvantaged backgrounds

  Are you interested in a career in the law and from a disadvantaged background? If so check out City Solicitors’ social mobility scheme the Horizons Programme. They are offering 50 places for students . The scheme involves training sessions, personal mentoring , work experience placements and support for three years whilst you study for…

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Something holding you back?

Something holding you back? Momentum is an award winning programme run by the University of Brighton supporting black and minority ethnic or disabled students as well as those lacking in confidence. The programme operates at all of the university’s Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings campuses. Eligible students can team up with an experienced professional, to help…

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Welcome Freshers and Returners!

If you’ve just started at The University of Brighton or are returning after the summer break and you’ve already found this blog, congratulations! Looking for a part time job? More than just extra cash, you can gain excellent transferable skills from pretty much any role. For more information and part-time jobs vacancies including at University of…

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