person holding up a sign saying 'looking for a job'

How to approach job hunting – Find the right job for you

When it comes to looking for a job it can quickly become overwhelming or disheartening. Often people start by googling. People end up on Indeed or LinkedIn. This can work for some people but having a logical and specialised approach to job hunting will generally be the most effective way to do things. Get organised…

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Free Graduate Skills Masterclasses – plus the chance to land yourself a job!

Are you looking for a graduate job? Perhaps you have already graduated, and want to develop yourself professionally. A recent survey of employers (ISE 2018) ¬†found that in the UK, the biggest skill shortfalls relate to commercial awareness, negotiating and resilience. The Careers Service is offering a series of three free Graduate Skills Masterclasses, to…

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Turning a dream job into reality

Many people talk about their ‘dream’ job and how they would love to do this. All of us have different hopes and aspirations and there may different routes into your chosen area. This blog will help you to identify what your dream job is and what steps can you take to make it happen. Or…

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Get a job using social networks

Advice from the NUS and Prospects….Social networks can be a really useful tool when it comes to job seeking but this article gives an insight into how to really take advantage of the technology when looking for new opportunities..  

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