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How to differentiate between different types of graduate jobs

There is lots of terminology for graduate jobs. How do you work out what is the right path for you? Firstly, it is good to understand the recruitment cycle. This article covers the basics:¬†¬†Although most big players in an industry have deadlines for graduate scheme applications closing by Christmas, there will still be grad schemes…

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What are THEY saying about YOU? Another round up of choice graduate labour market gossip

Here we are at the mid-point between two academic years and still the chattering classes chatter (classily? You decide)… Female graduates undervalue their worth as they enter the job market according to data from the LEO study (shared by the good folks at Ri5)…and the labour market seems more than happy to exploit this misapprehension….

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The Future for Accounting and How Graduates Fit In – guest blog from The Accountancy Partnership

Back with our guest bloggers The Accountancy Partnership (check out their first piece on How to Perfect a Cover Letter for Accounting). This time out, Content Writer Lauren Wise looks into… The Future for Accounting and How Graduates Fit In To the untrained eye, the accounting industry may not seem to have embraced new technologies….

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What are THEY saying about YOU? Hot topics and rank gossip from the graduate labour market.

Welcome to the first of a new series where we take a look at what going down around the global corporate water cooler, or being bashed out on angry borderline sociopaths’ blogs – the few remaining ones who aren’t being lined up for jobs at the White House, that is. Moving on… Graduation selfies: student…

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