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How to answer an interview question about communication

  This series on interview questions the aim is not to find  ‘word perfect’ answers but to help you identify scenarios demonstrating where, when and how you used certain skills. You can then talk about these with confidence no matter what the questions are. Number 2  in the series approaching interview questions covers a skill needed in all jobs – communication. Examples  involving good communication…

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Why should we hire you?

The interview season  is now well and truly upon us and many of you are preparing as we speak. I am going to write a series of blogs over the coming months on  interview questions and how to devise answers to these. It is impossible to plan and prepare for every scenario in an interview. That is good…

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Hatch a plan over the break

Five quick top tips for career planning over the break… Update your CV– life can move very rapidly and you think you have a  CV and then suddenly its ‘out of date’. So add on new skills gained from the course, work, volunteering and other interests. Check your digital footprint – what comes up when you…

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Did you know you can get a certificate for volunteering through the university signed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor?

If you volunteer for more than 30 hours or complete a significant volunteering project by volunteering via the university’s volunteering service, Active Student, you can get a certificate. This is only for volunteering outside of your degree – extra-curricular volunteering – and not as part of a community engagement placement module within your degree. The…

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Preparing for the ‘Unknown’

Preparing for the ‘Unknown’ is probably a paradox. However it is important to consider this when attending any recruitment event such as an interview or assessment centre. Recruiters will ask you to  respond to questions and tasks that you know the answer to and can prepare for ( the Known), but then they will surprise you with questions and…

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STP in Wales now open

    Health Education and Improvement Wales are currently recruiting to a number of trainee healthcare scientists positions. If you are interested in these opportunities and would like to find out more please follow the links below.   Audiology Cancer Genomics Cardiac Science and Sleep Science Clinical Biochemistry Genomics Health Informatics…

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Latest arts and heritage volunteering opportunities including Brighton Dome and Festival 2019!

Latest arts and heritage volunteering opportunities including Brighton Dome and Festival 2019! Why volunteer? Is it worth it? The essential way to add to your CV and get work experience related to your degree whilst you are university, before you graduate – think employability skills Boost your confidence Make new friends, meet like-minded others Improve…

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How to capture evidence of skills

As you progress through your degree you will hear people talk of the skills you are gaining and how important they are to future employment, particularly in the application process. Having identified key skills you need to think about showing evidence of  the skill and how  it can be shown to a potential employer. So how can…

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Career Management for Early Career Academic Researchers

The third run of a free online course for research students and early career research staff  entitled Career Management for Early Career Academic Researchers is now open for bookings. The MOOC is a collaboration between the University of Glasgow, University of Edinburgh, and University of Sheffield and is available  to students and staff  at any institution worldwide….

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Calling all final years – make sure you update your CV

As a Career Development Adviser my worry factor increases when I hear final year students saying,  ‘Oh its OK, I have a CV from when I applied for a placement’. STOP RIGHT THERE! Writing a CV for a placement is great but you wrote that in the second year of your course and if you didn’t do a placement  that was…

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