What are THEY saying about YOU? A round-up of hot topics and gossip from the graduate job market.

Welcome to the first WATSAY (now there’s an uncannily apposite acronym *ahem*) of 2018. For newbies and those not paying attention, this is where we take a look at key issues being discussed by graduate recruiters, professional internet talkers and take an occasional pop at those people who talk about ‘students’ and ‘graduates’ like they’re…

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Clear your diaries – EVERYTHING is happening in October/November/December.

Graduate recruitment fairs, postgraduate study and funding fairs, on-campus media training, US summer camp jobs, teaching opportunities in Leicester (someone has to *tee hee*), Chemistry, Law, Health and Brexit – it’s ALL going on…and you should be there… 4 October onwards: Company Secretary insight days. Take a look behind the scenes at the various responsibilities…

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