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Preparing for the Virtual Careers Fair

Our Virtual Careers Fair is fast approaching! We hope you have all downloaded the Careers Fair Plus App as you need it to take part. The app lets you browse employers, go to their drop-ins, watch webinars and book one to ones.  Hopefully you are already signing up for the one to one sessions with employers…

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Advice from Coca-Cola European Partners on job searching during COVID-19

The University of the West of England’s GradLink organisation held an interview with the Bulgarian Talent Acquisition team from Coca-Cola European Partners plc to discuss graduate job recruitment in the ongoing pandemic. They covered a range of areas giving advice to students on how to become the ideal candidate. Networking It isn’t about how many…

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Words Count In Your CV

We generally advise that CVs are no longer than 2 pages, it is important to make every word count. What you say and how you say it is very important. Here are some tips to help: Think about WHO you are approaching with the CV and what is is for? A job, internship, placement, or speculative…

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Starting a Business as a Student

The beepurple team recently caught up with Ben Brooks, Anmol Mangat and Ehab Ahmad – the Founders of UniiMarket, which is an exclusive online marketplace hub for students, by students. Here’s what we talked about… What inspired you to turn UniiMarket into reality? After presenting a very rough sketch of the idea to our peers…

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Do You Want To Become a Freelance Language Tutor? Here’s What You Need to Know

Freelance language teaching can be a huge opportunity. You can work on other projects/jobs on the side while not being tied down to a 9-5 type role. Let’s go over 10 action steps you’ll need to take to get yourself started on the road to freelance language teaching. There’s more detail on each of these…

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The Student Remote Worker Survival Checklist  

The Student Remote Worker Survival Checklist   This is a guest blog from Working from home!? That’ll never work for me, how can I concentrate with so many distractions around me? If you feel like this you’re not alone. The past few months have seen a huge shift in the way people are working…

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Careers and Higher Education Podcasts As Lockdown Eases

In a world where we have spent months unable to connect with people face to face, I have become increasingly interested in connecting to the world via podcasts. I would normally listen to movie podcasts whilst making dinner, but I saw that Labour Market Information (LMI) god Charlie Ball was speaking on a podcast I…

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Handy Tips For Your Virtual Interview

In this current time where everyone is relying on Zoom, Google Hangouts or MS Teams to connect, the traditional face to face interview is think of the past. We thought it would be useful to bring some top tips of things to think about when having a virtual interview. In terms of content preparation and a…

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Planning Your Future career During Covid-19

How you can still plan for your future career in the Covid-19 crisis “How did you make use of your time during the Corona virus lockdown?”  “What did you learn about yourself from the Corona virus lockdown period?”  If you were told to work from home for a month, how would you approach it?“  “Tell us…

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What Covid-19 Has Taught Us About Employment Skills

Only a mere few months ago, the world of work looked remarkably different and organisations had priorities completely unlike the ones they have today. In the wake of a crisis however, things can change rapidly, and leaders across industries are finding themselves in need of certain skills to ensure they come out the other side…

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