If your startup needs a cash boost, look no further!

Santander Startup Fuel 2024 Grant Fund opens today:  deadline for applications  is Monday 13 May!

Freelancers, entrepreneurs and creative practitioners

Are you in need of cash fuel to launch or grow your business and power it to develop  to the next level?

The student enterprise team, beepurple,  are  excited to let you know that the Santander University of Brighton Startup Fuel Grant Fund 2024 is now open, with over £10,000 worth of funding available!

This Grant Fund, supported by Santander Universities, is exclusively open to you as a student or graduate (from the Class of 2023 or more recently) who have launched (or are in the process of launching)  your own startup or freelance business, social enterprise or creative practice, and would benefit from receiving a grant between £250 and £1000.

The Grant can be used to pay towards a range of things including: new product development, new technology or materials for the business,  web development, marketing investment, or intellectual property protection.

How do I apply for a Startup Fuel Grant?

You must register and  apply for the Grant via the Santander X platform here:

Banco Santander Open Innovation | Uni of Brighton Startup Fuel Grant – Santander X

What questions do I need to answer in the application form?

As part of the application process, you will need to submit the following information:

  1. The name of your startup, creative practice, social enterprise or freelance business, and the month and year you started.
  2. Details of your social media handles and your website/portfolio/blog (if relevant) (2000 characters maximum).
  3. Describe your products or services, the purpose of your business and the problem you solve for your customers (2000 characters maximum).
  4. Tell us who your customers are and how you reach them (or plan to reach them). Include any information on what makes your startup unique (2000 characters maximum).
  5. Upload a copy of your Business Model Canvas or Business Clarity Canvas. Templates and examples can be provided, upon request.
  6. Describe your business goals for the next 6-12 months (2000 characters maximum).

7.  Explain how you will spend the Grant and the impact this will have on you/your startup. List your items of expenditure, adding up the total (2000 characters maximum).

Please note that any intellectual property stemming from your entry will remain yours at all times.

When is the deadline?

You must submit your application for a Startup Fuel Grant via the Santander X platform by Monday 13 May 2024 at 5pm.

When will I find out whether my grant application has been successful or not?

Once the deadline has passed, the beepurple team will score all applications using the judging criteria listed in the Terms and Conditions document (which you can download via the Santander X platform).

How can I contact the beepurple team?

If you have any questions about the Grant Fund or application process, please email us, the beepurple team, at beepurple@brighton.ac.uk.

And don’t forget that the closing date for applications is 13 May 2024.

Helen Carley • 18/04/2024

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