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Graduate scheme rejections are not the end of the world


Grad scheme rejections are not the end of the world. Find out about other options available to final years, including information on the graduate recruitment process and timings from this insightful LinkedIn article by Rebecca Fielding from Grad Consult.

Did you know that 

only about 11% of graduate’s first jobs are graduate schemes?

At this time of year that stat may be quite the relief to some final year students.

If you know about graduate schemes, you are likely to have spent the last six months either looking at or applying for these types of graduate jobs. By the middle of the spring term however, most graduate schemes are closed to applications and deep into the activities and assessment part of the recruitment process.

You may already have had rejections from these roles and are left wondering what to do next.

This is where our headline quote comes in. Rebecca Fielding, Global Early Careers Expert and Founder of Grad Consult, with many years of experience in the world of Higher Education and Graduate recruitment, has this week shared her thoughts on what students can be doing to secure a graduate job as finalists see the final stretch of their degree ahead of them.

Despite most graduate schemes being closed off, the first take away is that there is still plenty of time to secure a great graduate job. As a HE careers professional I know this, but perhaps you don’t, so check out Rebecca’s great article about what other graduate job options are available to you over the coming months LinkedIn article – Truth bomb: Grad scheme rejections are not the end of the road for your job search or graduate career

If you are still in the midst of the recruitment process, don’t forget we are here to help you.

If you aren’t sure where to even start then book a Guidance appointment with your Careers Development Team to talk to us about your employability journey: including support with career planning, job search strategy and applications.

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Katherine Whittaker • 10/03/2024

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