Turing Scheme Student pictured on snowy mountain

Hear from our past Turing Scheme students

The University of Brighton has been awarded funding to support students on overseas work or study placements in academic year 2023, until August 2023.

Benefits of overseas travel

The benefits of working or studying overseas are many and varied – you get the chance to learn about other cultures, gain an international mindset, the opportunity to really stand out from the crowd. Or just for the adventure! You will grow and develop personally, and it may just give you the edge in your future job search.


  • The minimum duration of an overseas placement is 4 weeks and it can take place at any point up until 31 August 2023
  • You can travel anywhere overseas unless it is advised against by the FCDO
  • All levels and nationalities are eligible
  • Work, study, training and volunteering are all possible under the scheme, although you must have a registered host organisation. It does not need to be related to your course.

Hear from our previous Turing Scheme students

Turing Scheme student posing on snowy mountain-range
A Turing Scheme student in Canada last year.

Pascal Smith

Pascal said “the biggest benefit of my trip was networking with other physiotherapists and learning about the Canadian private physiotherapy system. Thanks to my Turing-funded placement, I now know what I have to do in order to qualify and work in Canada as a physiotherapist.”

A Turing Scheme student eating traditional Canadian poutine, watching an ice hockey game last year.

Sonia Alimohammadi-Esfehanchi

Sonia said: “I wanted to use my Turing funding to gain new experiences and skills, and learn more about a different culture so I can help those most in need. 

The best things about my Turing-funded experience were the connections I made, the people I met, and lots of sun and vitamin D!”

Kyle Budvarson

“The Turing Scheme funding was so valuable in helping me deal with travel costs, accommodation and giving me the chance to get out and enjoy my time on placement – otherwise I would have been on a very tight budget and not able to do anything! This was an amazing experience and the University of Brighton staff who helped me to get the Turing funding really supported me throughout the whole process.”

Want to learn more about the Turing scheme, and how to get funding?


Ollie Taylor • 09/06/2023

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