Meet our startups: Megan Faith Makes

In this spot where we explore some of the businesses we’ve supported, University of Brighton photography graduate, Megan Faith, shares her journey from student to founder of  a knitting and crochet business.


“Originally from Brighton, and having gone to Brighton Steiner School,  I developed a love for all things creative.  At A-level I studied photography which ignited my love for the medium, and so after taking two gap years I went on to study Photography BA at the University of Brighton. 

How it all began 

My knitting and crochet business started (accidentally) in March 2020.  Having grown up loving knitting, I began knitting socks as a way to stay creative during the first lockdown.  With encouragement from my sister, I started an Instagram page @meganfaithmakes to use as somewhere to post photos of the socks I was making. My profile began to snowball and I have now branched out to making many other items such as jumpers, cardigans, bags and hats, and have gained an international customer base. 


I now receive multiple commissions a week and am looking into hiring someone to help me complete orders. I have worked with magazines and also had the honour of working with fashion editor Jared Ellner, who borrowed one of my vests to style on Emma Chamberlain for a promotional photoshoot for her coffee company: Chamberlain Coffee.  

My challenges

The biggest challenge of running my business is staying motivated. Doing everything myself, such as designing the garments, making them, taking photos and promoting them on Instagram can be really exhausting, and I have to force myself to take breaks occasionally so as not to burn out.  

Help from beepurple 

beepurple have been immensely helpful. I have had a few 1-2-1 sessions with Clare and Helen who have both helped me gain focus and work out the next steps to take with my business. Clare told me about the Santander growth grant which I applied for and was lucky enough to be one of the recipients for, which has enabled me to buy specialist equipment. 

Marketing and selling 

I currently use Instagram and Etsy to promote my business, and I’m also building a website. Instagram enables me to show behind the scenes footage of the designing and making process, post photos of my available designs, and reach people internationally. 

The future

My plans for the future are, to hire someone so I can take on more orders, continue to design more items and hopefully at some point rent a studio so I can have a more organised work space.  

My top tips

My tips would be:

1 Make sure that whatever you are wanting to turn into a business is something you feel passionately about. A lot of work goes into building a business and if it’s not something you enjoy doing,  making day in day out it will feel like a chore.

2 I highly recommend using social media to promote yourself. It is also a great way to meet other people doing similar things, who you can share tips and tricks with and support one another.

3 Try and make a business plan! I am not someone to usually write to-do lists, but getting your thoughts down on a piece of paper can help you stay focused and see what areas you need to work on.




Helen Carley • 13/04/2023

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