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National Careers Week: A look at the University of Brighton Graduate Attributes

To make a successful application for a job opportunity or postgraduate study course you will need to be able to reflect on what you can bring to an employer or the university you are applying to.

To help you do this we have developed a set of University of Brighton Graduate Attributes which are skills and qualities that you will develop whilst you’re at university (both on your course and in other parts of your university life) that reflect what employers are looking for in graduates.

These are:

  • A critical thinker,
  • An engaged global citizen,
  • A confident communicator,
  • An inclusive collaborator,
  • A resilient self-advocate,
  • A solution-oriented innovator
  • A creative and confident user of digital technologies.

Building your confidence in developing these attributes will help you in your future.

Which of these can you relate to? Some will feel familiar and some will be areas for development.

Why not explore the University of Brighton Graduate Attributes more online to help you to identify what they mean and how they apply to you. You should also start to get more familiar with using the professional language of the attributes?

These are useful language prompts and reflective tools for personal development and application processes.

You can use the employability workbook that we have developed for all students online to help you think about which of the Graduate Attributes you have already developed and which you would like to work on more.

My Employability Workbook

You can also pick up a copy of the Employability Workbook in any of our careers or student centres on each campus.

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Dan Archer • 06/03/2023

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