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National Careers Week: A look at help getting through psychometric tests?

Getting a graduate job usually means going through a fairly tough recruitment process and there may be a few steps along the way. Some employers are happy to take you straight from application to interview (to hopefully getting hired!) but some ask you to complete a few other activities to check that you’re really what they’re looking.

One step which employers use is online testing.

We are seeing a continued increase in the value and use of psychometric / online tests as part of the recruitment process.

Often people think that they cannot be prepared for an online test but it is this assumption that can lead to unsuccessful results. Like all other aspects of the recruitment process, you can practice and we are here to help you with this.

We have partnered with online platform Graduates First to give our students and graduates free access to their wide range of online tests. This includes tests such as verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, personality tests and situational judgement tests. These are all created to be as close as possible to the real thing, so you know what to expect.

It is said that practice can increase your success rate by 10% so why not use the link on our Assessment centres page where you will also find additional resources to help you feel prepared next time you are faced with an online test as part of the recruitment process.

For students or previous users, continue using your university email to log in. If you are a graduate who is new to the platform, contact our Information team at and they will be able to provide you with an alumni log in.


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Dan Archer • 06/03/2023

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