How to make money while you study: startups, freelancing and side-hustles

Free event for UoB students from beepurple, the University of Brighton startup team

City Campus, in-person event,  Wednesday, 19 October 2022, 5.30pm-7.30pm.

We know that this year is going to be extremely challenging for students as living costs increase rapidly.  Share a drink and a bag of popcorn with us, the @beepurple startup advice team and we will show you how to skill up to start your own business or go freelance to raise some extra cash while you do your course.

Learn directly from other students who are their own boss.

Helen Carley, beepurple team

Through live mini slots, you will hear the stories of fellow UoB students and graduates  who have successfully started selling things online, doing freelance work or started up their own businesses to raise cash fast while they study. They will share their tips and ideas with you and you can ask them questions and get inspired to go away, come up with an idea and start up something yourself on the side.

What will I learn?

You should come away from this lively, friendly event with:

  • a bagful of ideas about how you can start a side hustle, be it selling on Instagram or TikTok or launching a new startup
  • practical suggestions on how to start if you are thinking of becoming self-employed or going freelance
  • simple tools and hacks to turn a money-making idea into action
  • real-life tips from students who’ve done it for real.

We really look forward to meeting you and learning from each other. Grab your ticket quickly as physical space is limited!

(we’ll email you with the precise location details nearer the time) 


Helen Carley • 07/10/2022

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