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Footprint+ Property Careers Event for a Zero Carbon Future – come along and meet employers!

When: 9th June (afternoon)

Who: University of Brighton students, come along and meet employers!

Where: Hove Lawns  (Brighton & Hove seafront)

Booking link: CAREERS AFTERNOON – Footprint Plus

Footprint+ would like to invite University of Brighton students to the ‘Careers Afternoon’ of this inspiring event. This offer is open to all subjects but is especially relevant to School of Architecture, Technology and Engineering, and School of Business and Law.

If you are considering a career in this sector, you can come and meet the people who are already doing it. FOOTPRINT+ is a once-a-year opportunity to make these potentially life-changing connections, be you a fledgling architect, engineer, lawyer, or financier.

FOOTPRINT+ is a conference focused squarely on the carbon emitted by buildings; be it the embodied carbon from constructing them or operational carbon emitted when using them. This amounts to around 40% of the UK’s total carbon emissions. There’s 40% more CO2 in the atmosphere than there was before we started burning fossil fuels, FOOTPRINT+ is all about how to create change by using renewable sources of energy and changing construction methods.

Presently reduction in CO2 inhabits a condition called ‘externality’ where neither producer nor user benefits financially by reducing it; it’s not a market driven condition. All this will presumably change when carbon is taxed at source; but in which countries will this actually happen?

FOOTPRINT+ has brought together over 150 of the cleverest people we can find in the UK to talk to us about how to do this. The event will be attended by companies who want to know what to do; they need to because their investors are making them do it.

It is a fascinating world where technology is moving fast, laws are changing and vast sums of money are changing hands. As John Kerry, the USA’s top climate diplomat told the CERAWeek oil conference this year “There’s a lot of money now chasing this new future”.

Find out more about the conference and companies attending here:

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Liz Vassilakes • 23/05/2022

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