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“Mentoring changed my mindset and made me a bigger person”

I didn’t know much about mentoring to begin with

It was around about June or July, I saw an email about the identity mentoring match programme and so I applied for it. It didn’t take too long to apply so I just thought why not. I got an email straight back and from there, it was pretty straightforward.

The mentoring team found the perfect person for me

I first met with my mentor for an hour, we got to know each other, just casual. After that, we’d meet up every two weeks. I learnt so much from it because we are such similar people in terms of what we do. I think that’s why it works, he always gave me the best advice; he got me into reading, I’ve trained with his football team, it’s little things.

It has given me opportunities and I’ve never really had that before to be honest because I didn’t know who to go to for opportunities.

Mentoring changed my mindset and made me a bigger person

Mentors will help you see that you’ve got nothing to worry about, just keep working hard at what you’re good at or what you want to be. There’s something you can be in this life and whatever holds you back, react to it in the best way and don’t let it stop you from getting to your goal.

If you take part in a mentoring programme, you’ll see a change in yourself. I guarantee it

I really want other people who feel like they’re in the position I was in to see the same change in themselves – it’d be so great. You’re just setting yourself up for the future, I think.”

Ismail, Sport Management

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Glen Marsh • 22/03/2022

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