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Having a mentor is like a champion spurring you on to achieve your goals

The University of Brighton mentoring programme aims to support students in reaching their goals, by matching up professional people who volunteer their time to mentor a student (mentee).

This relationship is special because staff spend time getting to know both mentors and mentees, before matching them. The matching process aims to meet the needs of the mentee and what they hope to gain from the mentoring relationship.

Mentees do not always have clear ideas of what their goals are, and that’s ok.

To know what area you feel you need to focus on is all that’s required. This could be building confidence, motivation for learning or preparing for the end of studying and finding employment.

The mentoring sessions are usually every two weeks and last for up to two hours. The mentoring relationship lasts between four-to-six months and takes place all year round so students can refer themselves at any point in the year.

The sessions take place mostly virtually (via WhatsApp, MS Teams, Zoom etc.) meaning location does not prevent staff from making the best matches.

I felt that the mentoring relationships were built on mutual understanding and trust.

It helped me see things from my mentees’ perspective and focus on bringing the best out of them, which translates back to my work from a leadership perspective.

My advice for those who are interested in being mentored is that to communicate openly with your mentors and have fun. 

I’m glad to share how much the program has helped me 🙂

Lillian, University of Brighton student

Or students are welcome to email us directly at


Glen Marsh • 10/03/2022

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