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Free entrepreneurship support webinar with beepurple – the ‘launch and grow your sales online’ clinic

Join our beepurple and retail expert Catherine Erdly (@resilientretailclub) on Wed 1 December to get a hatful of tips on selling on Insta or through a website.

Wednesday 1 December, from 5.30–7.30pm

Business is shifting online at a faster and faster pace. In 2021, over 32% of all money spent in the retail industry is spent online.  Every business, whether they have a physical space or not, has to work out how to sell their products digitally.

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How to start  an online shop

However, with more and more people choosing to start selling online, the marketplace is becoming increasingly crowded and start-ups have to work harder to stand out. In this session, hosted by small business retail expert Catherine Erdly, we will examine exactly what is needed to start an online shop and to grow sales.

From the different platforms that you could consider to the advantages and disadvantages of running your own website, this session will give you a solid overview of the questions that you need to ask as you start your online selling journey.

Drive traffic to your site

We will also be tackling the all-important issue of how you identify your ideal customer and, more importantly, how you grow to understand them. We will also be digging into one of the trickiest problems for small businesses as they start – driving traffic to their website. We’ll look at all of the different ways that you can drive sales so that you leave the session confident about making your first steps towards launching an online business and clear about where to start.

This will be an informal session with lots of opportunities to ask questions and get expert input into your business idea.

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Helen Carley • 25/11/2021

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