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Gain work experience with a placement or internship

‘100% of graduates that took a placement in Computing, Engineering and Maths subjects are now employed in higher-level jobs’

Graduate Outcomes Data for University of Brighton 2019  

Why do a placement or internship?

  • Gain insight into whether this career is for you (shuts doors)
  • Gives you the opportunity to make networks with people in industry (opens doors)
  • Gives you practical experience in industry, with tools/software and skills needed at graduate level
  • Builds those soft skills of communication, orgnisation, time management that employers are really looking for
  • Increases your chance of securing a role when you graduate ( the employer may offer you a graduate role whilst doing the experience)
  • Earn some money!
  • Improve your academic performance (when you come back to study you will know more about the industry and be able to relate it to your studies).
  • Build confidence and understanding of your industry and in yourself.
  • Put theory learnt in the classroom actually into practice and see it working!

Jake studied Environmental Science and did his placement at Land Science in Burgess Hill, Jake said:

Picture of Jake

“This placement gave me an excellent insight into how the geotechnical industry works. I would definitely recommend students undertaking a placement, as I feel it has given me the opportunity and experience to understand the direction of my career, and what other options that I may want to explore during and after my degree.”

Opportunities available:

  • A placement year between your second and third year
  • A short term summer internship between your second and third year
  • A short term internship within module for about 30 or 50 hours
  • An insight day/week at an employer in the summer of your first year
  • Placements required by your degree within study time (e.g. education/health)
  • Part time jobs in industry.

and many more!

Contact us today

At the University of Brighton, we have dedicated Placement teams who aid you in searching, applying, and interviewing for placements or internships whilst at university:

SchoolContact details
Fashion and
HealthSara Hadland:
ClinicalHelen Watts:
Sport and Service
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Glen Marsh • 14/09/2021

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