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Undergraduate research opportunity in School of Humanities

This project focuses on suffragist and pioneering scientist, Kate Harvey (1862-1946).

The student will research and collate primary historical and secondary critical source material about Harvey. Kate Harvey was deaf and she is remembered more amongst the deaf community than within the science. This tells us a lot about ongoing gender politics in histories of science and the project addresses continued issues around equality, health, gender and disability.

Apart from the core academic skills and competencies required for this work (analytical, evaluative, organisational), the student will accrue valuable technical skills in how to use the census, a somewhat opaque historical source.

They will also receive training on how to create learning resources for schools. The placement will ensure the development of research methods and employability skills – transferrable skills suited to the humanities, medical humanities, health and social sciences.

Interested in applying?

Contact Project Lead, Dr Deborah Madden, Principal Lecturer:

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Dan Archer • 06/05/2021

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