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Undergraduate research opportunity in School of Health Sciences

The impact of foot and ankle pain on health-related quality of life in children

The foot and ankle are common sites for pain in childhood but the impact on health and wellbeing is poorly understood.  This project seeks to understand more about the impact of foot and ankle pain on the quality of life in children.

The student will advance their knowledge of the specialist topic area (children’s musculoskeletal health) and have a broader understanding of the clinical approaches to measurement and evaluation of the impact of pain on quality of life.  This project will offer a unique learning opportunity for students and this has the potential to advance clinical skill development, as well as develop their career pathway through enhancing employability prospects.

This placement will enhance the students understanding of research methods and offer the opportunity to develop their data processing and analytical skills.  It will also offer the opportunity to explore quality improvement in healthcare through discussing the use of clinical data for exploring research question.  It is anticipated that the research will lead to authorship for the student.  Meetings with existing PhD and staff researchers working on paediatric projects will be encouraged to help the student consider their career pathway and different options.

Interested in applying?

Contact Project Lead, Stewart Morrison:

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Dan Archer • 06/05/2021

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