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Undergraduate research opportunity in School of Environment and Technology

Landslide mapping and hazard analysis in Southern Peru

This project would use remote sensing data to map out the distribution of landslides in southern Peru to constrain potential triggers (e.g. relief, slope, underlying geology, vegetation) and generate a susceptibility map highlighting high-risk areas. This project would fall within the Physical Geography to Geology discipline area. This is a unique opportunity to be able to work in the high impact area of geohazard analysis.

It is anticipated that this placement will lead to at least one publication in this area with the student on the authorship list. The student will also have the opportunity to present their research to key stakeholders of the project (Peruvian National Research Institutes (IGP) and regional Higher Educational Centres (Universidad Nacional Jorge Basadre Grohmann – UNJBG)) as well as at the British Sedimentology Annual General (BSRG) Meeting hosted in Brighton in December 2021.

The project will provide an excellent precursor to postgraduate studies such as an MRes in GIS and Remote Sensing or Geoscience.  At the end of this placement the student will be able to demonstrate to a future employer that they have work experience within the following areas:

  • The use of GIS and the application of geospatial data, a highly sought-after skill.
  • Understanding and constraining Natural Hazards for sustainable environmental management.
  • Analysing complex datasets.
  • Generating susceptibility maps for high-risk regions.
  • Independent research skills.
  • Written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to work as part of a team.

Interested in applying?

Contact Project Lead, Laura Evenstar, Senior Lecturer:

To apply the student must provide a covering letter and CV. Students are encouraged to highlight any GIS experience they have (work or education).

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Dan Archer • 06/05/2021

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