A student talks to their mentor

Be More Skilled Week – Mentoring

Student talks to their mentor

Have you wondered how you can stand out in a crowd and what new skills you need to get the perfect job? Are you just starting out and want to build new skills now?  If the answer to either question is yes, having a mentor might be right for you.

Professional mentors work with undergraduate and postgraduate students to help them build new skills, identify and value existing skills and, establish a thorough plan for skills development.

A mentor can help you develop your presentation, public speaking, and negotiation skills.  You can practice and refine your skills and receive feedback from a professional.  It can be the confidence boost you need to be yourself.

Need help with time management, organisation, or developing balanced routines? Mentoring is a supportive and positive way of taking control of your studies while having encouragement from someone who is invested in you.  Here’s what a student said about their experience –

“Building information and knowledge in a systematic and useful way have given me clarity as to what I know, what I need to know and what I still need to find out. This, in turn, has developed my confidence in verbally explaining why I would do what I do”

If you are interested in finding out more about the mentoring programmes available to you or you would like to apply to have a mentor, click here.   https://www.brighton.ac.uk/careers/mentoring/index.aspx

Our Be More Skilled week is all about helping you to show off your skills and work out how you can develop further:

  • You can use our online Career Skills Workbook
  • Attend a LinkedIn Learning course
  • Come to one of our workshops
  • Book an appointment with a Career Development Adviser to discuss your skills and development.

For more information visit the Be More Skilled Week homepage.

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Clare Fuller • 03/03/2021

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