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We all have our own unique set of skills, strengths and attributes that make us who we are. Our strengths and abilities often reflect our interests and experiences, and our skills can help us to work out where we can succeed and make a difference in the world.

Being at university is all about learning and developing knowledge and skills. Whatever stage you are at in your journey with us at the University of Brighton you will have plenty of skills and strengths to offer.

Our learning never stops and in the last year we have all learnt new skills. We have been faced with new technology and learnt a multitude of new digital skills. We have learnt to adapt to a new way of working and learning and interacting with our friends and peers. We have learnt to be resilient in the face of challenge and to find new ways to keep motivated and keep going, even though it has sometimes seemed hard for many of us.

You can use your skills in planning for your future, and reflecting on and recognising what you have to offer is a key part of this. In the Careers and Employability team we talk about this all the time and our Career Development Advisers, Placement teams, Entrepreneurship Advisers and Volunteering Project Officers can help you to work out where your skills might take you and how to reach your potential.

Employers want to see the skills that you have to offer and there is always room to be more skilled so that you can stand out from the crowd and really go on to be successful in your career.

Our Be More Skilled week is all about helping you to show off your skills and work out how you can develop further:

  • You can use our online Career Skills Workbook
  • Attend a LinkedIn Learning course
  • Come to one of our workshops
  • Book an appointment with a Career Development Adviser to discuss your skills and development.

For more information visit the Be More Skilled Week homepage.

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Clare Dawson • 26/02/2021

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