How to Impress in an Accounting Interview

Job interviews are daunting no matter which sector you are in. As a growing accountancy firm, we’ve interviewed our fair share of nervous candidates.

Here’s a few words of advice from the people on the other side of the table, to help you become a job interview aficionado.

We’ve been interviewed for accounting jobs, too!

By the time you finish uni it’s likely that you’ve already been in an interview situation at some point. Whatever it was for, it may well have caused your throat to become dry, and your palms sweaty. We’re not entering entirely unfamiliar territory here.

Whoever interviews you will have spent time in your shoes. And you know what? They’re almost always one hundred percent on your side, and willing you to do well.

Each person that comes through the door has made it to the interview stage for a good reason. Nowit’s time for you to learn how to harness that positivity, so that you can deliver a knockout performance in front of any potential employers.

Use your responses to show off your knowledge

The most impressive interviewees are those who have researched the general industry, as well as the specific accountancy firm.

In the same way you would tailor a covering letter, attend your interview armed with some knowledge of the company, its history, ethos, and its clients.

This demonstrates authentic interest in the business, and not just the salary. It will also help you show how you align with them, and that you’ve taken the time to get to know them in the same way you want them to get to know you.

Be up to date with the latest industry news and developments

What do you know about the latest on Making Tax Digital? How familiar are you with recent innovations in cloud-based accounting?

Refresh your knowledge and stay in the know. It tells us that you’re keen, with a forward-thinking approach and willingness to learn and adapt with the industry.

Show off your customer service skills too

Most job roles within accounting have some form of customer-facing element.

To ensure you will be suitable for this part of the job and that they can be confident putting you in front of their clients, a potential employer is going to want to see that you can communicate proficiently, with strong interpersonal skills.

Showcase this by letting your personality shine through the nerves and the knowledge. Volunteer information, observe, and comment. Maintain an appropriate level of eye contact and practice confident body language even if you’re feeling a little bit wobbly.

Have some questions prepared and ready to ask at the end

It’s textbook interview practice to be asked by your interviewer if you have any questions at the end of your initial conversation with them.

Make sure you’ve got a couple of questions in the back of your mind ready to ask when prompted.

This will help you project eagerness and interest in the company and the role it is offering. If your questions have already been covered in the course of the interview, don’t panic. It’s fine to say that the questions you had in mind have already been answered.

Now you’ve got the tools you need to impress at your next accounting interview, all that’s left to do is wish you the best of luck from everybody here at The Accountancy Partnership!


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Chris Kuzmicki • 28/01/2021

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