Fancy A Non-Medical Career in NHS?

Considering a career in logistics, HR, finance, training, strategy or information? Introducing the NHS…

Did you know that the UK NHS, after the US Department of Defence, the People’s Liberation Army China, Walmart and McDonald’s, is the 5th largest workforce in the worldwith 1,7 million people? The NHS has over 350 different job roles and is made up of over 1000 organisations, each an employer in their own right.

When we think about jobs in the NHS, many of us think of doctors and nurses, and yes, of course they are needed, – together with a variety of other patient-facing roles, which may not spring to mind immediately: e.g. social worker, education mental health practitioner, art therapists etc. Many roles and much training within the NHS is offered at graduate level, for some clinical roles you will need to have a relevant degree but not all.

For this huge organisation to work, a lot of back office staff is needed as well, including roles like surveyors, architects, data analysts, facilities managers and accountancy professionals. Many of these roles have entry at graduate level and a medical/science background will, in many cases, not be needed.

One thing all NHS employers have in common is that they are using the NHS values-based recruitment: for each of these there is a set of expected behaviours, for example for the value improving lives, the NHS expect to see staff acting on feedback received, giving patients a voice and using a collaborative approach. You can find the complete NHS value-based behaviour framework here.

To find out more about graduate opportunities within the NHS, please see If you would like discuss your career options with a Career Development Adviser, please contact the Careers and Employability Service on 01273 642855 or to book an appointment. The service is confidential and impartial.



Christina Keiller • 18/12/2020

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