person holding up a sign saying 'looking for a job'

How to approach job hunting – Find the right job for you

When it comes to looking for a job it can quickly become overwhelming or disheartening. Often people start by googling. People end up on Indeed or LinkedIn. This can work for some people but having a logical and specialised approach to job hunting will generally be the most effective way to do things.

person holding up a sign saying 'looking for a job'

Get organised – consider the three key places to look for roles.

  • sector specific websites

Check out our occupations pages to find websites promoting roles within your chosen sectors. Sector-Specific-Resources.aspx

You may also find these on the job profiles that explain about the detail of a role. Prospects is a good place to find these.

  • location based websites

Particularly good for part time jobs, but also graduate roles, it is good to search on websites that are focused on roles local to your area or where you want to work. You can then search for graduate level jobs in the correct sector.

If you are looking for work in Sussex or the South East then have a look at our list of local websites for job hunting. Finding employers in-the-South-East-and-Sussex.aspx

  • graduate level websites

The other approach is focusing on graduate level job sites and searching on sector and location from there. Graduate-Jobsites.aspx

Once you’ve looked around focusing on these areas, identify the top handful of websites that work for you. Focus on those that are easy to use and where you have found jobs that you are interested in.

Set up email alerts so the jobs come to you when they are updated regularly, rather than spend lots of time having to go looking around websites.

Your first point of call when looking for jobs and opportunities should be Careers Connect, our employability hub where you can search for part time and graduate jobs, volunteering opportunities, and yearlong placements (sandwich years), internships and summer jobs.

These roles are mainly those given to us by employers who are looking specifically for UoB students and graduates. They are checked to ensure as much possible information is available to you. For part time jobs they will only be those based in Sussex and should show how many hours they would be offering. This will be 16 hours or less.

Make sure you set up email alerts to get the most up to date roles into your inbox from us too.

Check out our website for more information about finding a part time job, graduate job or placement.

To talk to an advisor about where you are looking and making applications book an appointment on Careers Connect.

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Katherine Whittaker • 12/11/2020

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