Royal Navy Medical Recruitment

Leanne from the Royal Navy has been in touch as they would like University of Brighton students and graduates to apply. Have a look at the video she has recorded here about their opportunities and her own experience of nursing in the Royal Navy.

If you would like to find out more about Royal Navy nursing careers, have a look at the links below. The application process begins via these links where students can click ‘request my application’ in the red box. If you complete this form you will receive a phone call to start your process.

Nursing Officer:

Naval Nurse (Rating):

Any interested students can reach out to Leanne directly via . Leanne told us that she is also happy to chat by phone, so please get in touch with her to arrange a call. She wants to reassure Brighton students and graduates that her team are there to support you from start to finish during their application and will provide all the support and guidance you need during the process.

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Liz Vassilakes • 09/07/2020

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