Adapting Your Career Plans During COVID-19

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Staying positive at present can be a challenge, however as we have said in previous blog posts there are jobs still being advertised so worth exploring these. Think about diversifying into a different career area, at least for a short while.

It may not be your ‘ideal dream job’ but any experience will help you gather relevant skills for the future.

Glassdoor have published a list of jobs that are hiring as below, some need training/education but some don’t.

Nurse, Respiratory therapist, Physician Associate, Data entry, Customer service, Warehouse, Security, Social worker, Communications, On-line teacher, Translator, Project manger and Customer Assistant.

More details here:

If you’re applying for any of these opportunities think of your transferable skills such as communication, numeracy, problem solving, whatever you have that’s relevant. The Skills Workbook can help you work out what skills you have and how to show evidence of these skills.

Also check out our vacancy pages for more opportunities.

These websites below also offer opportunities to anyone wanting to work from home…

* Prospects have a page specifically around the impact of Covid-19 on graduates.

* Linkedin article around remote working and how to use Linkedin to find remote roles.

* Reed and various online recruitment firms have dedicated work from home/remote working pages.

* Employment 4 Students have a dedicated page for online freelance jobs for students.  There are several blog posts (largely aimed at stay at home parents) that list different forms of remote working that are flexible.

* Upwork is an international website with many UK jobs listed. As the work is being done online, clients can take jobs from anywhere in the world.

* People per hour has a wide range of jobs on offer, with a good selection in creative arts, and employers’ pay rates seem reasonable. Freelancers can also sell their services for either an hourly rate or a fixed price for the entire project. Offers a full range of services.

* STEM Women are holding virtual careers fairs every Wednesday


As always if you need further help or advice then please go to our website.

Or contact us to book an appointment, we are still here to help.





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Pamela Coppola • 01/05/2020

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