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Being resilient and how it can help you develop

We’re featuring insightful and informative stories from our alumni about building resilience and finding work in difficult times, and building a career in an area different from your degree.

This is from a member of our alumni Gregory Bortkiewicz:

I studied Geography and graduated in 2008, then spent a year applying unsuccessfully for jobs in areas such as transport and recycling. At the same time, I continued working full-time at a shop that I had been working at during University. Having been unable to get a job, I took a short course online to teach English as a foreign language and got a job in Poland.
I lived and taught there for one year before moving back to Brighton, where I attended a jobs fair and met the University of Brighton Students’ Union. I successfully interviewed for a part time role on a 6-month contract in an admin position. After the 6 months I applied for a full-time role in the comms department. I got that and ended up working there for three years and have since built a career in comms, working at various agencies and in-house and learning PR, social media and more along the way. I currently work for a small PR and comms agency in Brighton.

Liz Vassilakes • 17/04/2020

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