Sound Time Management

Manage your time to get things done – and make yourself more employable

Time management is one of the top employability skills much valued by employers. Even though you might not be able to work or volunteer right now, you can still develop your time management skills:

1. Break your overall goals for this period into smaller achievable ones related to concrete tasks.

2. Create a structure of your day and week and plan your smaller tasks in to specific achievable time frames – you are now ready to go.

3. Monitor your structure, time frame and tasks and feel free to make any adjustments.

4. Set clear boundaries between study and free time, so you can really enjoy whatever you like doing to relax.

5. Make a note of how you have developed time management skills: download your free copy of the Career Skills Workbook here to note down your evidence. You can also find inspiration for other employability skills to develop and get tips on how to articulate these to employers.

Need further support? Contact the Careers Service here to connect with a Career Development Adviser / Employment Adviser who can help.


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Chris Kuzmicki • 26/03/2020

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