What should I be doing – a guide for final year students?

Frohe Ostern: Bemalte Ostereier

Welcome back to everyone but in this particular blog, a huge welcome goes  to our final year students.

Well how did this happen, one minute you are a fresher wondering where everything is and then suddenly boom, the final year looms. It can be a shock to suddenly end up in the final year but exciting nonetheless.

We know this year is going be very busy so its good to get to try and get a plan together as soon as you can and then keep reviewing it as the year progresses.

So what can you do now?

Well if someone asks you what you intend to do next year what would you tell them?

Would it be a good ‘well worked’ through plan with a few options, a ‘sort of’ set of ideas or do you feel completely at sea?

If you have got a plan then how is this going to pan out?

Do you need to start locating opportunities be they jobs, graduate schemes and courses? We give you  good starting points to get to grips with all of these on our website and don’t forget to sign up to job vacancy websites and have emails with relevant jobs bouncing  into your inbox.


We will also post lots of details about all kinds of opportunities on the blog as they come in so watch this space.

If you haven’t got  a clear plan as yet then there are things you can do.

So key things to do are :

Key date for your diary is the 6th November 2019 when we host out annual careers fair with the University of Sussex at the Amex Stadium.


Check which recruitment websites would be good for your career area


Come and talk to a member of the Careers team, either a Career Development Adviser ( career choice and direction) or an Employment Adviser ( applying  for jobs).

Details of how to access the service are here.


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Pamela Coppola • 27/09/2019

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