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beepurpleLuke Brooks magazine designer and Product Design student Luke Brookes writes about the creative ideas that his peers have come up with to tackle some of society’s most pressing social concerns. These students are currently fundraising to be able to show their work at London’s prestigious New Designers 2019. You can help them by donating or sharing their crowdfunding page.

The University of Brighton Product Design final years have been working hard all year to design products that tackle some of society’s most prolific social issues. With a four stage process focusing on product research, product ideation, product development, and finally product launch, this year’s final years have designed both creative and diverse solutions to serious trending issues.

Coming to the end of the year, they are currently hard at work building their final prototypes to show off their ideas to investors, manufacturers, employers and not to mention to show off at their end of year graduating show. This year however they have been invited to attend New Designers 2019 to exhibit their ideas in the hopes to get them noticed. Being such a huge and exciting event with so many key players attending, the opportunities that will be opened up to them are amazing.

I asked a few of the students to show off their work in advance to you, the reader, giving you a sneak peak into some of the things to expect coming form this years batch of designers…


Product: Stix

Student: Liam Murphy

Problem Area: Exploring alternatives to medication for children with ADHD

Description: Stix is an interactive product which supports children living with ADHD

5% of children in the UK are diagnosed with ADHD, many of whom are prescribed medication as the first line of action. This can have harmful side effects on their mental health.

Through mindfulness activities, such as meditation and balance, the Stix monitors the users’ movements, helping to reduce symptoms of impulsivity and hyperactivity. Through visual and haptic signifiers, the users are gently reminded to regain attention when they get distracted. The product’s app allows users to explore different activities, gain achievements and set goals.

To find out more contact Liam here:

pavement project

Product: The Pavement Project

Student: Marty Pardoe

Problem Area: Better integrating the homeless into modern society

Description: The Pavement Project is a community driven scheme committed to providing homeless individuals with access to a range of services in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

The concept is an adaptable, portable pod from which various skilled volunteers, e.g. hairdressers, opticians and vets, are able to donate their time and services to help improve the daily lives of homeless people.

A touchscreen display on the pod’s exterior wall directs the public how to donate, giving them informed choices in order to make a transparent and meaningful donation to support the homeless in their community.

The Pavement Project will help to empower those in need, change attitudes and improve lives.

To find out more contact Marty here:


Product: ZUJI

Student: Jeremy Siu

Problem Area: Improving sustainability of footwear trends

Description: According to research, less than 30% of footwear waste is reused or recycled. The use of a permanent fixture between shoe sole and shoe upper complicates recycling processes for footwear.

The manufacturing method of this detachable shoe sole can achieve closed loop material economy by using 100% recyclable thermoplastic polyurethane throughout the sole-upper interlocking mechanism, midsole and outsole. The design provides maximum customisability in style and enables multiple repairs. While customising the modular outsole, wearers are also personalising their footprints. Hence, the product name ZUJI meaning footprints in Chinese.

To find out more contact Jeremy here:


Product: ARLO

Student: Chloe Starks

Problem Area: Preventing anxieties within communal spaces

Description: ARLO is a space aiming to create a warm atmosphere that embraces you with good design, materials and forms. ARLO allows the user to interact with those around them as well as giving individuals the ability to feel relaxed within stressful environments. By closing themselves off, they can block out distractions and disturbances when they become overwhelming.

Through the products sensory elements, ARLO reminds users to take regular mindful breaks and encourages unconscious meditation when tending to over work, when situated within the same demanding spaces.

To find out more contact Chloe here:

neighbour hood

Product: Neighbour-Hood

Student: Rich White


Neighbour-Hood has been designed to give customisation and privacy back to employees working in shared office work-spaces. The hood’s lighting and scent module help to calm and relax the user, while the acoustic fabric cover helps to block out distractions to assist with productivity and reduce stress.

And that’s just a few! There is plenty more where that came from.

This year our group has set up a crowdfunding campaign to help them get to New Designers. If you have a spare few minutes we would be extremely grateful if you could give us some support by donating or sharing our crowdfunding campaign with those that you think may be interested or able to help. We could do with all the help we can get to ensure we get to exhibit, opening up such huge opportunities for us and our products.

The crowdfunding campaign can be found here:

Keep up to date with the Brighton Product Design Instagram page here to keep up with the latest:


Luke Mitchell • 21/05/2019

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