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So far in the series we have covered the sort of questions you are likely to face in the interview. So testing your skills, knowledge and experience to date in relation to the job being applied for. You are also very likely to be asked why you want to work there.  We have covered these areas in previous blogs so go back to those if you want more details on preparing for any of these.

 The employer  is also very likely to ask if you have any questions you want to ask about the job or the company.

So there are several strategies you can use here.

One is to prepare the questions in advance … but then find the employer answers them all anyway in the interview or in a presentation.

You can have some questions prepared but to guard against them all being answered have a good range or look out for areas of interest that arise in the interview process.

If you genuinely have nothing to ask then just reply politely you have answered all the questions you had in the session.

But to try to avoid that arising here are some key areas to consider.

Do ask about :-

Professional Development

  • Training? Is it ‘on the job’ or ‘off the job’ or a mixture of both?
  • Mentoring? Are you assigned anyone to give you advice and support? Both of these might be particularly important if you are looking to gain chartered status or need to get professional accreditation.

Are there plans for company growth or development?

Workplace structure – are you likely to working in one team or across teams?

What is the company’s management  style or culture?

Responsibility – how are people assigned levels of responsibility?

What happens in a typical day?

How much travel is involved?

Don’t  :-

Just ask about the perks – annual leave and salary details may have been given already but if not feel free to ask but don’t make it the sole focus of the questions you ask.

Don’t ask what the company does – you should have done your research and read through what they sent beforehand and also looked over their website.

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Pamela Coppola • 15/05/2019

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