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So far in this short series on answering interview questions we have looked at questions covering why an employer would want to hire you, how to show off your skills and how to answer more unusual questions. All of these are covered in earlier blog posts so go back if you need more details on answering any of these common questions.

These have been very much focused on you and what you need to tell them about yourself. Now in the fourth  of the series we are turning it round to look at why do you want to work for a company or organisation. This type of question is there to examine  and assess your level of understanding of what the company does, makes or offers and why you feel there is a strong connection for you to them. Certainly enough to want to spend time working there.

So how do you answer this? Here are some ideas of how to prepare for this type of question.

What do you know about them?

Are they are a large global conglomerate or small operation or anything in between? 

What do they do, make or offer as a service?

Why does this organisation appeal to you? What does their brand represent, what values, and goals do they have?

What do they offer in terms of career progression and opportunity?

Do they offer training courses or the chance to gain a professional qualification?

Are there incentives offered such as employee awards and rewards ?

Have they appeared in the press recently? Do you follow them on social media?

What does their  website tell you about them and their work?

Have you had a chance to speak to a company representative at a careers fair or any other  type of event?

What did you find out and what led you to then apply to work there?

Thinking about all of this will help you build a picture of what they offer and how you might enjoy working with them. Some people may call it a ‘good cultural fit’ but  do draw your own ideas of why you want to work there. The answer to this type of question can run the  risk of coming out as ‘rehearsed’ and ‘formulaic’  so try and think of what is important to you and it will sound more authentic and genuine.

Go to our website  for more details on interviews and if you feel you would like more practice then contact us to book a mock interview.



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Pamela Coppola • 08/05/2019

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