Hatch a plan over the break

Where's mommy?

Five quick top tips for career planning over the break…

Update your CV– life can move very rapidly and you think you have a  CV and then suddenly its ‘out of date’. So add on new skills gained from the course, work, volunteering and other interests.


Check your digital footprint – what comes up when you search for yourself online? Do you need to start adding posts of a professional nature so they appear higher in a search?

Think about networking in professional circles.


Join LinkedIn – this social networking platform is becoming  increasingly important in a business and recruitment context. If you haven’t  got a profile already then set one up.


Going for interviews over Easter and beyond? -Time to prepare for the questions you are likely to get asked.


Think about your USP or even USPs? – what could make you stand out in a crowd ?



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Pamela Coppola • 03/04/2019

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