Considering postgraduate study?

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This is the time of year when final years are deciding what to do and for many of you postgraduate study is on the list of options.

But do think before you pursue this idea…

Are you maybe considering postgraduate study because you can’t think of anything else you want to do?

Or as a way of staying within higher education for a longer period? And even possibly avoiding the next stage of getting a job.

Admissions tutors will be on the look out for this and they will want to seek out and recruit students who can demonstrate positive  reasons for wanting to  do the course.

So here are  some questions to consider as part of your research.

  • What are your reasons  for wanting to do postgraduate study?
  • Is the course going to help your career plans?
  • Is it a course you have to do as it would improve your chances of progression  into  your chosen field ? Or is it even compulsory to do the course? Thinking here for example of Law, Medicine or Teaching. There are alternative ways into many careers so do some thorough research into this before deciding what route to take. There may be graduate training  schemes and internships on offer.
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships can offer another way of combining postgraduate study and working. Take a look at this via
  • Is it a subject you want to continue you with or something that combines what you study already with a new interest ? Or is it something completely new.
  • Some people do also opt for postgraduate study due to the work experience and networking opportunities it can offer. Journalism can be an example of that.

There is a huge range of postgraduate options on offer, both on a full and part time basis.

There are certificates,diplomas and specialist courses plus Masters courses, both taught and research.

Have a look at our website for further details and come and talk to a Career Development Adviser about your plans if you are unsure what to do next.

We will cover writing a personal statement and funding sources in upcoming blogs.

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Pamela Coppola • 19/10/2018

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