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Faik Aktulga Wild Fangs

Interview with Faik Aktulga: create a business based on your passion

Faik Aktulga Wild FangsFaik Aktulga studied Business Management BSc(Hons) at the University of Brighton and, after graduation, he returned to his parents’ house in London to look for corporate work in the city.

After a round of applications and interviews, he started to doubt his passion for the career path that he had found himself pursuing.

Entrepreneurial, and very restless in a 9-5 office environment, Faik faced a quandary. How could he find meaningful work that would utilise his university learnings yet suit his personality, interests and drive?

He turned to his lifetime love: exotic animals.

As a child Faik had been fascinated with exotic creatures and had kept them as pets. Back in London he had begun rescuing pets that had been abandoned by their owners – snakes, bearded dragons, spiders and more.

He loved talking about the animals and showing them to others. People enjoyed listening to his insights – and a fair amount of funny stories – about the habits and behaviours of his growing menagerie.beepurple magazine cover

Faik began to wonder: could he build a business that centred on his true passion?

He contacted beepurple, the entrepreneurial support service of the University of Brighton, and arranged a one-to-one consultation to discuss his business idea.

Soon after Wild Fangs was born: an educational animal encounters company delivering interactive and entertaining live animal experiences at schools, children’s parties, care homes and nurseries.

Wild Fangs has now been trading for over four years. And Faik has ended up working in the corporate world after all, albeit not as he once intended. He now takes his animals into company events and shows, to the delight of firms and their clients.

You can listen to more of Faik’s story, including how he found a market and built a customer base, in episode three of Founder Chats with beepurple.


Luke Mitchell • 10/08/2018

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