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Right we are back with the 8th blog in the series of promoting your work experience and identifying your skills.  You should be thinking of how you can evidence skills and show them to a future employer in all kinds of contexts. So by keeping records of these you can address the skills section on a CV and use evidence of scenarios  to answer questions on an application form  or at interview.

Here we cover analytical  skills which can be harder to fathom then just  straightforward communication or teamwork, which many of us can immediately relate to. So what do we mean when say analytical skills?

Closely allied to problem solving and perhaps strategic  skills it is all about looking at a situation to examine in depth  and establish what is going on. So looking at the structure, function and elements.

Analytical skills can be used  break down context so  you can consider behaviour of people, financial markets, equipment and machinery amongst others so think about this within the context of  your own experience. Think about a setting where you have worked and consider the following questions.

  • What is actually happening here ?
  • What decisions have led to this functioning like this?
  • How is the team involved in the process?
  • How does the group function – what are the dynamics like?
  • How do individual roles combine?
  • Is the situation working well?
  • Why?
  • If it isn’t it functioning well why is that?
  • What could it be improved?
  • If you were in charge how might you alter the structure or function, whilst also being mindful of cost?
  • How and what would I plan for the future?

So you can apply these questions to different scenarios and settings and if you have for example worked in an industrial placement this is going  to give you some rich experience to work with.

Any work experience though including volunteering, summer and part jobs will give you the chance to observe a function, just remember to reflect on what you observed and find somewhere to record it. Use the Graduate Toolkit on the university of Brighton careers website to help you  to reflect on and record skills.

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Pamela Coppola • 31/05/2018

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