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Make Money Online – Free beepurple workshop

make money online

Wednesday 28 February 2018, 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm, Room G5, Mithras House, Moulsecoomb


In a digital world full of entrepreneurial opportunity, how do you find the winning ideas and avoid expensive pitfalls? Join us on Wednesday for a dynamic panel session where we’ll meet four people – two current University of Brighton students, two graduates – who are building diverse businesses online.

Our speakers include: the founder of a niche social network; a podcaster and online trainer; an Amazon seller; and a YouTube channel owner.

Included in the session

  • Learn how to build a loyal audience who becomes your tribe
  • Understand your monetisation options and plan for success
  • Get deep insight into the ways to profit from e-commerce
  • Discover how to build relationships with brands
  • Share the journeys of each entrepreneur and the hear about the challenges they’ve overcome


About the speakers

Pippa Moyle

pippa moylePippa is the Founder and CEO of the City Girl Network, a social network dedicated to helping over 3,000 twenty-something women feel at home in their cities. They run events, manage highly-engaged social forums and have created a magazine run by and for their communities, currently in Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and Berlin. Pippa has also spent the last 8 years running a lifestyle blog, tracking her journey from a musician, to a journalist, to an entrepreneur. As a blogger, she’s worked with dozens of brands, including John Lewis, Travelodge, ASOS, Nikon and LinkedIn.

Cat Rose

cat roseCat helps creative introverts show their work and get the exposure they deserve. She does this through the League of Creative Introverts, an online community, as well as 1-2-1 mentoring and online training. Her aim in life is to help all her clients do what they love and realise their dreams, whilst honouring their personality type and preferences. She’s currently researching the links between personality types and creativity and how we can use our self-knowledge become more confident and get our work seen, shared and sold. Find out more at:

Naglis Stankaitis

NaglisCurrent Business Management student Naglis will discuss how he has been able to create passive income selling ‘private label products’ on Amazon. He’s generated over £200,000 in sales in just over 12 months without any external investment and with no previous training or experience in digital space – all the time continuing his full-time studies at the University of Brighton. Naglis will share the process he has used to achieve this as well as other methods, strategies and tools that can be used in ANY online or physical business. Learn how you can leverage online platforms like Amazon and their free traffic to sell your products on autopilot.

Megan Cashmore

megan janeFinal year Graphic Design student Megan, originally from Derbyshire, is a 20 year-old who runs a YouTube channel under the alias Megan Jane. Her channel has over 1 million views and almost 12,000 subscribers. Her videos range from funny stories to travel vlogs, but her main success has been found in university and graphics related content. Created in 2015, Megan’s channel has steadily grown overtime, allowing her to collaborate with brands and sponsorships with BorrowMyDoggy and Unibox. The channel has broadened her social media presence and created a lot of opportunities in and outside of the YouTube community.

Who should attend?

  • Any student or graduate running their own enterprise or thinking about doing so;
  • Anyone keen to increase their employability and gain new business knowledge;
  • If you have an interest in selling products or services online and want to get better at it.

All attendees can receive a certificate of attendance on request

How to book

This session is free to students and graduates of the University of Brighton. A limited number of spaces are available to external guests for a fee of £20 each.


Luke Mitchell • 23/02/2018

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