Feeling ready for your video interview? If not – try one out first!

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Video interviews are big in the recruitment world. You’ve probably heard the advice already: don’t wear your pyjamas, lock the dog away, and take down that dodgy poster in the background. But there are precious few opportunities to practise them, and get live feedback from an employer. Over the next two weeks, as part of #FocusOnYourFuture, James Burdis from Hanover Recruitment is offering twenty minute slots to get you feeling more confident in front of the camera. James will be there in person (so you won’t be talking to a recorded voice). He will do a short interview and offer feedback afterwards. All you need is a quiet space and access to a computer or laptop with a camera.

These mock video interview slots are exclusive for University of Brighton students – make sure you book yours today. Get feedback first, before the real thing. Once those 20 minute slots are gone, they’re gone!

Book here: https://brighton.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/mock-video-interviews-20-mins

Rebecca Duffy • 12/02/2018

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