Got plans for 12-23 February? You do now. Time to #FocusOnYourFuture…

Banner for Employability Fortnight 12 to 23 February 2018

Here we go with the last day’s programme of events for


Friday 23 Feb

How to Start Your Own Business
12-1pm, Room 215, Hillbrow, Eastbourne
Interactive workshop with the beepurple team

Student Volunteering Week Roadshow
12-2pm, Grand Parade cafe

Thanks to everyone who’s turned out since the 12th – hope you found it beneficial. All of the advice and support we’ve been trumpeting these past two weeks is available year round from the Careers Service teams at your campus, and that includes vacation times! Aren’t we lovely? Get in touch and see how we can help – It’s never too early (or too late) to #FocusOnYourFuture. Do you think South Korea’s top Freddie Mercury tribute act let self-doubt get in his way? Exactly. Carpe the Diem, people…

Korean singer performing as Freddie Mercusry


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Paul Rothwell • 24/01/2018

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