Here come the weblinks – a round up of new resources on the Careers pages…

2018 has hit the ground running, as have we. Here’s a round up of the new resources we’ve dug up and added to the spiffy new Careers Service pages for your infotainment. Without further ado…

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Creative arts and design

  • The ‘Design: 3D, product, interior’ section now links to Designers/Makers, an agency for contemporary design offering business advice, selling events, PR and opportunities to develop your brand.

Engineering, environment and manufacturing

  • The ‘Engineering Design and Sales’ section now features graduate schemes and graduate/postgraduate level Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering jobs from STEM Graduates and STEM Women.
  • Also under ‘Engineering Design and Sales’,  Top Engineer has vacancies in Europe, Asia and New Zealand.
  • Environmental jobs is now a go-to link under ‘Environment’.
  • We added Energy Jobline to the ‘Natural resources and the environment’ section, but if you’re looking for *any* roles in the energy sector (from management to IT to construction) you should check it out.

Finding a part-time job

  • Fraud in the part-time job market is a rarity, but it does happen. Safer Jobs is a resource to support you in the event you are a victim of fraud or malpractice.

Graduate Jobs

  • We’ve added Magnet to the ‘graduate schemes’ section as a great source of…see if you can guess…
  • Also featured under ‘graduate schemes’ – STEM Graduates and STEM Women.

Healthcare, Pharmacy, Science

IT, Media, Internet

  • The ‘Information Technology’ section now features a great choice of Computer Science jobs from STEM Graduates and STEM Women.

Placements and internships

  • Being a site of many talents we’ve also added Magnet as a great new source of the above.

Postgraduate study – Before you apply

Preparing for interviews

Property and Construction

Teaching and education

  • We’ve expanded the ‘TEFL’ section to include ESL Authority – a new source of opportunities in Asia and Spain.
  • ‘Teaching outside mainstream education’ now links to The Tutor Pages, which has a free pdf guide to making a career for yourself as a private tutor.

What do other graduates do?

  • Now includes a link to a great site called – with data culled from the annual graduate destinations survey, it includes over 80% of the employers who have taken on graduates in recent years. Not the prettiest looking site in the world but trust us, it’s useful stuff.

Work in Sussex and the South East

  • The ‘work in the South East’ section now features Careers Fair superstars with their excellent coverage of opportunities in and around London.

Working outside the UK

  • We found a great resource for multilinguals looking for opportunities the other side of the Channel in Europe Language Jobs.
  • We’re also linking to GradlinkUK which somewhat confusingly has a whole host of microsites for opportunities in Africa, China, India, Bangladesh, Canada, The Gulf and the Asean countries.

Not a bad haul, I hope you’ll agree. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates coming down the pipe.

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Paul Rothwell • 16/01/2018

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