Employer’s top tips from the Careers Fair – Part 4

Happy Thursday! I hope you’ve been finding this weeks blogs of interest. For those of you who haven’t seen what I’ve been doing this week, where have you been? Anyway, to get you up to speed, at this years Careers Fair at the Amex stadium at the beginning of November I spent time talking to the employers about applications; what were they looking for in a good CV? What things could  student/graduates do better in their applications? etc.  I’ve gathered all the thoughts and broke it down in to five top tips that I’ve been sharing with the lovely readers of the blog this week.

Today is top tip No.4: Take every interaction seriously and be focused on that employer

An important thing that you need to show employers is active enthusiasm for the role and the organisation. This can start from very early on in your application. One company particularly highlighted that students and graduates sometimes forget the importance of first impressions. If an employer calls you about an application, don’t forget that person is assessing you from the moment you say hello. Do make time for them, do sound interested and engaged, even if you aren’t sure which job it is you applied for! Be polite, smile whilst you are talking, be friendly and interested and wing it with enthusiasm if necessary. Avoid uncomfortable conversations in lectures or in the library by leaving voice mail on and make sure you get back to them asap. Take employers seriously because if you don’t, then you are putting yourself to the bottom of the pile of applications.

Don’t forget we’ve got lots more great advice and tips on finding and applying for student, summer and graduate roles on our website https://www.brighton.ac.uk/careers/index.aspx 

Alternatively you could come in and get the help directly from one of our specialist team members. All our details can be found online at https://www.brighton.ac.uk/careers/contact-us/index.aspx

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow to share the final top tip of the week!


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Katherine Whittaker • 23/11/2017

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